RHONDA GLENN:  I asked you if that was the best golf you played in your life.  Right after the match was over you said yes.  You have had some time to think about it.

BECKY LUCIDI: Pretty good, definitely the top two or three times, if you include yesterday and today and put them together, some of the best golf I have played.


BECKY LUCIDI: The best golf I have played.

Q.  Sure like that front nine though?

BECKY LUCIDI: I do.  I like the front nine a lot.

Q.  What is it about the front nine?

BECKY LUCIDI: I don't know.  I just like starting.  I am kind of anxious to get out there.  So once I get out there, just kind  -- I like the way  the first nine holes set up to.  I think they fit me a little bit better than the back side.  But I like the back side too.  I like the front side a little more.

Q.  What is it, when you say you like it, what is it?

BECKY LUCIDI: Just more appealing to my eye.  A few of them seem like they are more scoreable, little shorter for me. Only one par 5 on that side.  So I like to take advantage of the par 4s.

Q.  This match with Lindsay sounded like you two are friends.  But you hadn't played a lot of head-to-head.  Your thoughts going into this against Lindsay and  --

BECKY LUCIDI:  Obviously we're friends and there's nothing but good sportmanship out there. I think you saw it.  We both really did have a good time out there.  It's fun when you play against a friend but there's always going to be a loser but when you have someone with the acceptance of a loss, so to speak, like Lindsay had it, it makes a win that much better because she's gracious and she's nothing but supportive for me for tomorrow.  That was really  -- that meant a lot to me.  A true friend.

Q.  Seems like safe to say no one really playing better than you  -- well only two of you left, but you have -- someone like Brandie comes from 3-down with 3 to go, something to be said for that (inaudible) --

BECKY LUCIDI: Yes, I think that's the perfect definition of Match Play right there. You can never count anybody out.  I was -- yesterday I was 5 up at the turn and I knew the player I was playing.  There's no way these girls are going to give up, especially as far advanced as we're in the tournament.  That's what Match Play is about.  You can't take anything for granted and you could never give up.  So I think it comes down to someone with the most heart.

Q.  Expectations exceeded them?

BECKY LUCIDI: I have exceeded mine.

Q.  How so?

BECKY LUCIDI: I definitely  -- I knew I could get to where I am, but as well as I am playing, as far as making as many birdies, I didn't think I would be playing this well.  But I definitely  -- I mean, I never counted myself out.  But for sure, starting out Monday I wasn't by any means a top choice of making it to Saturday, so.....

Q.  Clarification purposes, did you win driving distance contest at NCAA --


Q.  Distance?


Q.  You told us yesterday you hit it 240.


Q.  Must be the air.

BECKY LUCIDI: Well, I don't know (laughs).

RHONDA GLENN:  Did you just have to change your plane reservations?


RHONDA GLENN:  When had you planned on going home?

BECKY LUCIDI: At 2:48.  I didn't know the last match was 36 holes.  I thought it was 18.

RHONDA GLENN:  You had at least hoped to be here though?


Q.  What will you do tonight to calm yourself?

BECKY LUCIDI: Just have some dinner with Mr.and Mrs. Snyder.  That's my host family this week and just get some sleep.  Tomorrow is 36 holes now that I know that.

Q.  Staying with the general chairman of the tournament?


Q.  Some sort of fix on?

BECKY LUCIDI: You know, I don't know, but I know that my name was drawn for him in the pool too, so you figure that out.

Q.  What is his name?

BECKY LUCIDI: Bob and Penny Snyder.

RHONDA GLENN:  You seem a little bit more focused this week than you normally do at the Women's Amateur public links.  I know you have a lot of friends at that championship and you were very happy-go-lucky; you all seemed to party a lot.  I haven't seen you doing any of that this week.

BECKY LUCIDI: Because I am still in the tournament.  But this is definitely a bigger tournament and I think --on the golf course you can see my focus is maybe a little bit stronger than it has been.

Q.  What are you averaging off the tee, any idea?

BECKY LUCIDI:  I want to say 235, 240 but I think it is a little longer than that.

RHONDA GLENN:  What did you hit to the green on 17?

BECKY LUCIDI:  4-iron in.  But that was not a very good drive.  That was probably the worst drive of the day.

Q.  But eagle?

BECKY LUCIDI: Yeah, that's true.

Q.  Any feel for what you  -- someone said you had  -- what did you have six birdies and an eagle?

RHONDA GLENN:  Seven birdies, two bogeys and an eagle.  If she parred the last hole she would have had 64.

Q.  Did you realize that when you were out there?

BECKY LUCIDI: No, I didn't.

RHONDA GLENN:  But needed every bit of it.

BECKY LUCIDI: Yeah, I am sure Lindsay made probably   ---

RHONDA GLENN:  67 if she parred.

BECKY LUCIDI: She made them at the right times though.  She was playing pretty well too.

Q.  Does that rachet it up a notch knowing that she's playing well?

BECKY LUCIDI: Definitely.  You focus that much more and you know that every putt counts.  I knew when she was standing over a 30-footer that's she's probably going to make it especially the way we started off we had about five 1-putts each in the first nine holes.  A little nerve-wracking when she's standing over 25, 30-footer and you think she's going to make it.

Q.  It's better to win this way than with bogeys and double-bogeys?


Q.  Arm feel okay?

BECKY LUCIDI: Arm is great.

RHONDA GLENN:  Thank you very much.  Congratulations.


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