RHONDA GLENN:  Tell us about 19 and 20.

BRANDI JACKSON: 19 we both hit it on the green.  She was about probably 25 feet I guess, maybe and I was about 10, twelve feet, and I missed the putt.  And then on 20th hole I hit it left into the rough and she left her second shot short and then chipped it long and I just putted from out of the rough and she gave me par.  Then she missed her par‑putt.

Q.   How far was her miss?

BRANDI JACKSON: Her chip shot?  She was like, probably a good 20 feet past the hole everything, I guess, maybe.  She left her second shot short and then chipped long and I was probably 15, 20 feet past the hole.  I was about pin‑high and like the first the edge of the rough which is right by the pin and 2‑putted it.

RHONDA GLENN:  You all were studying piercings, weren't you.

BRANDI JACKSON: Yeah, that's right.

RHONDA GLENN:  You have four?

BRANDI JACKSON: Three on this side and four.

RHONDA GLENN:  Mollie, I think just has the one.

BRANDI JACKSON: Yeah, I think that's it.  So you have eight piercing.

BRANDI JACKSON: And my belly button.

RHONDA GLENN: You didn't have to share that with us if you didn't want to.

BRANDI JACKSON: No, that's only 8 together.

RHONDA GLENN:  With Mollie, that's fine ‑‑

BRANDI JACKSON: She has got one on her ear too.  Who knows where.

RHONDA GLENN:  Terribly tight match.  You played against a Curtis Cup player.

BRANDI JACKSON: That's two in a row actually.

RHONDA GLENN:  Did you get nervous at all?  Did you pick up momentum from yesterday?

BRANDI JACKSON: Actually I really didn't.  And I hate to admit it but I was really surprised.  I don't know, I guess I was glad to make it this far, so just like I said, the other day just kind of whatever happens, happens, I guess.  I mean, I guess there's really no reason to that be nervous, I don't know.  I guess there is ‑‑ I just ‑‑ I haven't thought about it.  I have been kind of going so long where I didn't just think about it.

RHONDA GLENN:  Did you say that you'd   hate to admit that ‑‑

BRANDI JACKSON: I hate to admit that I am surprised I am not nervous.  Does that make sense?

Q.   Before the week what were your expectations of this week?  Everybody might, you know, in the back of their mind has winning or maybe in the front of their mind, what is ‑‑ Monday morning, what would you have taken this week?

BRANDI JACKSON: Making it to Match Play, hopefully winning my first match, because two years ago when I played I didn't make it to match play.  And then when I was in the junior tournament  a few years ago, I made it through the first match, but my goal was to make Match Play and hopefully win the first match; maybe the second one.  I haven't been playing a whole lot this summer.  I went to summer school, so I couldn't have that had high of expectations because I didn't touch a golf club for about 5 weeks.

Q.   Not even practice?

BRANDI JACKSON: Not really.  I was taking my hardest class and I studied.  I chipped and putted some and hit some balls a little bit but not much for about 4, 5 weeks.  Everybody gave me a hard time about it.  So I figured I'd practice for qualifier and then I practiced a little bit between then and now.

RHONDA GLENN:  What class were you taking?

BRANDI JACKSON: Exercise physiology.  Spent quite a few hours everyday studying for that.

Q.   I think not to say win the match but I think critical moment in the match was hole 17 when you put the ball under the tree.  How did you keep with that?  What she did was she hit it from under the tree and on the second fairway; then she reached the green that way?

BRANDI JACKSON: My dad talked me into that one.  I was thanking him.  I couldn't decide which way to go.  He said think about going down the other fairway.  Actually I didn't get it as far out there as I wanted to.  But just decided to take it.  And then hit the first  ‑‑ I've been trying to hit cut shots all week around trees and I end up double‑crossing myself when I did it, the first time really on 17, maybe not the first time, but then ended up making par and halved the hole.

Q.   How far ‑‑ your third shot, how far ‑‑ how did you find the yardage?

BRANDI JACKSON: Well I was on like the side of the fairway, side of 2 fairway, close to 17 and my dad just took the yardage from 17 fairway.  We just added a little bit.  Then I had to carry it.  I had about 155, 160, had to carry it over a tree that was right in front of me.  I kind of hit it high and cut it over and around it and got it just in the right rough beside the pit.  Got up‑and‑down.

Q.   What club was that?


Q.   I don't want to say that was the match right there but it really was.

BRANDI JACKSON: It made a big difference.  I am sure her seeing where I was and then I saw that she hit it over and I knew it was a tough shot from over the green, back up, so I knew after that I kind of had a chance and then she missed her birdie putt and I made my par‑putt.

RHONDA GLENN:  You have never been in an arena like this before and I know you are calm and patient.  I know those are your qualities your parents have told me about. What is it going to be like tomorrow?

BRANDI JACKSON:  Hopefully the same way like I don't know  ‑‑ I don't know.  I guess ‑‑ I definitely think about it.  I just ‑‑ I will just try not to think about it and put too much pressure on myself and just be glad to be this far and just kind of hope everything goes good.  I guess that's the patient part.  Actually I am really an impatient person but when it comes to golf I guess I am pretty patient.

RHONDA GLENN:  What things are you impatient in, driving?

BRANDI JACKSON:  Yes, driving, definitely.  A lot of things I am very impatient, I just can't be still and sit around waiting and stuff.  I am very impatient.  When it comes to golf, I don't know, I guess, I am just pretty patient.

RHONDA GLENN:  What did your dad say  ‑‑‑ what?

BRANDI JACKSON: I was saying I guess I have to be.

RHONDA GLENN:  What did your dad say to you when you won?

BRANDI JACKSON: I don't know what he said.  He just hugged me, but I don't remember what he said.  He said something.  I don't remember.  Probably about time we finished because it kept going on and on.  Nobody ever got more than ‑‑ I know when I was 1‑up a few times.  I don't know I was 1‑up after the first hole and after that either I was 1‑up or we were all square pretty much the whole day.  One of us would make birdie, then would it go back to even kept going back and forth, seemed like it took forever.

Q.   When you started I mean, 5 weeks I am going to guess was with the longest break that you have taken in quite sometime?


Q.   What was it like when you came back?

BRANDI JACKSON: I mean, it was all right just a couple of days just kind of get my rhythm back, whatever, I just hit balls, actually started hitting the ball a lot better, playing pretty good during our spring season and then it was probably ‑‑ I had about two weeks where I still kept practicing after our season was over.  Then when I started school it was just non‑stop, and I mean actually it wasn't that bad.  Just took a while, like I said, hit balls and just kind of got my rhythm back then.  I guess it just kind of built confidence more than anything.  A lot of people give me and my other girls on the team a hard time because we're not the most about practicing a lot of times.  We just can't do it that much.  But we'll still go out there and have the confidence and hit the ball pretty good.

Q.   When you are on a stretch and you are playing generally how many balls would you hit on practice a day?  Are you telling me you have trouble getting through 20, 30 balls?

BRANDI JACKSON: No, like during the season now I will stay out there three hours a day during the season, but I mean, I will usually get out there at 2 o'clock and not leave 'til 5, 5:30.    A lot of times I will hit balls probably no more ‑‑ if I am working on something I guess I could stay out there for an hour or two but otherwise it's  more than an hour,  I will go through and hit pretty much every club in the bag hit for about 5, ten minutes each or something, usually about an hour or so.  Then chip and putt for a while.

Q.   When you were not playing were you watching it on television?


Q.   Was this kind of cold turkey you didn't  ‑‑

BRANDI JACKSON: I wasn't cold turkey because I still came out there me and my roommates would go out there at night and have a putting contest but it wasn't like a good two, three hours of hard practice everyday.  There was a while where I did not hardly touch a club for quite a while.  I just ‑‑ I was studying and then I just get too tired to go out there and that's just kind of how ‑‑ it was laziness is what it was and it was bad.  But I don't know.  It just happens.  It was the summertime.  It just kind of happened.

Q.   For the laymen, what does that class involve?

BRANDI JACKSON: For my summer class?

Q.   Yes.

BRANDI JACKSON:  It's all about how your body works and what exercise does to your body and like different foods and what it does‑‑ just kind of little bit of like anatomy and like a little bit of everything actually.  Kind of a whole class put together basically.  Kind of how you burn fat and all that good stuff.  Actually made a B‑plus in it too.  Studying paid off though at least.

Q.   Burn fat by walking these hills.

BRANDI JACKSON: I know, man,  I am probably going to lose 5 pounds before the week is over with.

Q.   What year are you going  to be this year?


RHONDA GLENN:  How relieved are you that it's only an 18th‑hole deal tomorrow.

BRANDI JACKSON: That will be so much better.  Like ‑‑ I mean I guess once you just get ‑‑ realize you have to play 36 holes, I just  ‑‑ I guess I just don't think about it , you come in for a few minutes, go right back out.  It's going to feel short tomorrow only 18 holes, definitely, it will be nice to relax for a while.

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