RHONDA GLENN:  I had the feeling just chit-chating with you a little bit in that last rain delay that you felt very strongly you were going to make that putt when you went back out.

BRANDI JACKSON: Yeah.  I mean, I wasn't sure to start with how long it was.  I was sitting there trying to see if it was four, five feet.  But I had a good feel what it was.  I made probably three of those coming in, I guess was the reason why too on 15, 16, 18.

Q.  How did you do that?  How did you come back, you have got to win every hole?

BRANDI JACKSON: Yeah, I don't know.  Just -- I mean on 16 after seeing her -- where her shot was I knew I needed to make par.  I was trying to get the putt around the hole.  I kind of miss-hit it.  I just didn't get it there.  I kind of  -- I really didn't think that much.  I was just trying to make birdies or when I needed to make pars, just make par and she just faultered on a couple of holes.  That's pretty much how kind of the last three holes went.

Q.  What were you thinking when she was standing over her second putt on the 18th green?

BRANDI JACKSON: I was just-- I was really kind of expecting her to make it.  She putted pretty good all day.  I just thought -- I was glad I made my par-putt and if she made it, then I was, you know, glad I made it that far - even to come back and make it, I was  -- after 12, 13 holes I wasn't expecting   -- not I wasn't expecting to be on 18 but I just didn't think would make it that far.  Just glad to come back that far.  I knew I needed to make birdie on 18, but I guess all I needed was par after all.

Q.  Were you having some trouble off the tee late in the round?

BRANDI JACKSON: On about, I guess, on No. 9, I think one of the first tee shots I hit left.  Then probably three or four in a row I hit left.  Then coming up 13 I decided to hit 5-wood.  I just bailed right on it, and hit it over the trees.  I started having a little trouble there for a while off the tee box.  I was trying to get it down the middle and it wasn't working so well.

Q.  How did you get through that?

BRANDI JACKSON: Well, I got -- I guess it wasn't a decent break on 14, but I hit a good bunker shot out of that, and then just on 15 and my shot on 17, I just managed to keep them down the middle was just the main goal.  I didn't hit either one of those pretty solid but they at least stayed in the middle.  I kept standing over all of them hoping it can go straight at that point in time because I had hit some right and some left.

Q.  Did you sense the mood shift at all around 17 or so?  Did she start to tense up a little bit?  It even got cloudier around there  -- it was almost like this ominous sign of some sort --

BRANDI JACKSON: It actually did (laughs).  I didn't actually watch her a whole lot, but I am sure after, you know, losing 16, still knew I had two holes.  Then I guess after I knocked it on on 17 she hit in the  bunker sort of got a little noticing her that she started to get a little tense I guess.  It was about the time the clouds were rolling in too.  Then coming up 18 having the two par putts on that hole definitely.  I didn't that much about my par-putt because I guess I kind of was expecting her to make hers.  So I was just trying to make my birdie to start with; ended up with a tough par-putt coming back, but it went in.  Thank goodness.

Q.  It's probably safe to say Becky is playing her played -- the best golf this week.  She was 7-under today.  Is there something to be said about momentum or having that on your side coming back like you did today?

BRANDI JACKSON: I think so.  At the same time I  hit the ball probably the worse today than I have all week so hopefully I got it all out today.  That's kind of the thought at least.  She's obviously playing well.  She played yesterday and was about 6-under too.  Definitely just knowing that like you got to go all 36 holes and even if she does get up, you know, like said there's 36 holes, so  -- but I mean, I guess having the momentum finishing on a birdie today and finishing 2-under coming in the last few holes definitely gives me a little to look forward to tomorrow.

Q.  Have you played against her?


Q.  So you don't know anything about her?

BRANDI JACKSON: No, I heard she has got a good personality.  She's a character is what I have heard so far.  I talked to her during the rain delay I think a little bit right after she had won and she seems like a really awesome girl.  Should be a fun match.

Q.  We don't see these days in women's golf, don't see a lot of Americans vying for the championship?

BRANDI JACKSON: Yeah, that's true.

Q.  I am not saying that to be ignorant but you know what I mean -- your thoughts of having a couple of young American women  --

BRANDI JACKSON:  That's definitely different than a lot of the tournaments you see  -- it's always good but a lot of players that come from -- I mean, I played Vicky (ph) who is from Scotland, and someone else this week from Canada.  They are all really good.  So it's good to have Americans going for the title for sure.

RHONDA GLENN: Do you know anything about the history of this championship? You went to the players dinner the other night.


RHONDA GLENN: You saw the trophy and everything?

BRANDI JACKSON: Yes.  I saw it.  I heard about Meredith in her bathtub where she kept it   ---

RHONDA GLENN: Do you know how old the championship is?

BRANDI JACKSON: 102.  I remember it being 102nd.

RHONDA GLENN: You are aware of the tradition of this?

BRANDI JACKSON: Yes.  Big tradition.    I talked to Babe -- how do you pronounce her last name?

RHONDA GLENN:  Zaharias.

BRANDI JACKSON: I don't know her   -- I don't know,  it was her niece, a guy here got me to sign something to give to her niece or something and  I looked back and saw when she'd won it.


BRANDI JACKSON: Yeah, I saw that.   Might have been in the newspaper or something.  That was kind of interesting to make that connection there.

Q.  Did you sleep well last night?

BRANDI JACKSON: Yeah, once I finally got off the phone and got something to eat finally about 9 o'clock last night I finally went to sleep.  Yeah, once I got sleep, I slept okay, but it took a while.

Q.  Are you a pretty calm person or do you battle nerves?

BRANDI JACKSON: Actually I have been pretty calm.  I used to get really nervous.  Used to not take much.  First hole tee box I would be nervous.  Other than that I am usually pretty calm for the most part, kind of laid back, I guess.

Q.  Dad still have 36 more in him tomorrow?

BRANDI JACKSON: I hope so.  His nerves are probably about shot.  That might kind of affect it a little bit.  I hope he does.  I hope he has got some more  I heard he was running low on it.  We'll see.

RHONDA GLENN:  Brandi, thank you very much.

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