Q.   I heard you almost had a hole‑in‑one on No. 7.

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yeah, I hit a really good 5‑iron into the hole.  I hit ‑‑ I actually ‑‑ I nearly had four holes in ones this week, actually.  I played that hole so well.

Q.   5-iron every time?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I think I hit a 4‑iron on the second.  I have played it really well.   So I am very confident with it, so but it was exciting.  Wow, it was like an inch away from the hole.

Q.   Did it hit the flag stick?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: It hit the flag stick and had come back.

Q.   On the fly?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yeah.  Well not on the fly.  Landed about ten feet before the hole.

Q.   That's great.  You are excited, I know.  This is the furthest you have been in the Women's Amateur.  How many times have you played in this?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: This is my second time.

Q.   How do you feel about having advanced this far?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Pretty happy, actually get to play 18 tomorrow.  (Laughs) It's exciting.  To get this far in any championship is pretty exciting:  It's the Women's Amateur, I mean, just to play this course, play the best golfers in the country, it's just a great experience.

Q.   You came from being runner‑up in the British to Rebecca Hudson, and I recall  ‑‑ tell us about your trip back because I remember meeting you?


Q.   Yes?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I ended up flying back, I think it was early Sunday morning in London which was ‑‑ I ended up getting back into Oregon 12 o'clock Sunday night, and then practice round on Monday, played Tuesday, Wednesday.  I had a 69 on Tuesday, and then I think the jet lag kind of hit me on Wednesday.  It was  a good experience.  I probably won't ever do that again, put tournaments back‑to‑back.  But  ‑‑

Q.   What did you do to prepare for this week?

LINDSAY WRIGHT:  I worked a lot on putting.  I spend probably an hour a day on putting.  I mean I was doing summer school for a month before it.  I had last week.

Q.   Pepperdine?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yes, I had last week off, so I guess the last four weeks I have spent just grooving my golf swing, working on basic things, and just putting because last year I remember ‑‑ I mean, in any event you have got to be able to putt well and particularly in Match Play.

Q.   When did you first begin in this match, to feel that it might go your way?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I think when I played  ‑‑ nearly holed out on 7 and then on 8 I hit the green in 2 and ‑‑ I hit it short and so I mean, I figured I made birdie and then that set me, I think, I went to 2‑up or 1‑up at that point.  And then I actually I was 2‑up then I birdied 9.  So, 7, 8, 9 I went birdie, birdie, birdie.  That was a highlight.

Q.   How does that make you feel inside emotionally or out there suggest really want to win?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: It's encouraging, I think, to make birdies and not win on pars and bogies.  It nice to be able to make birdies and visualize the stroke and then play it.  It's ‑‑ just for me it's encouraging knowing I have to play tomorrow, so it's given me an extra boost of confidence.

Q.   How does this round rank in comparison to the other rounds you have played this week?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: It's probably been one of the better rounds, I guess.  Being I was so far into it I am really tired, supposed to be really tired, I felt a little drained out there, but I don't know, I feel really good.  I was supposed to feel tired but I felt good; that's what I am trying to say.  I just felt really confident.  I birdied 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, which was good, and I had made some good pars, hit some good solid shots, so that's probably one  ‑‑ I am actually improving as I go along and I think because I hadn't been playing and then I came into the tournament a bit unsettled but now I am feeling better.

Q.   You feel at home here?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I love New York.  I went into the city on, I think, Saturday night, and after my first round Monday afternoon, just to have a look around and I love it.  I love the place.  I really do.  I feel comfortable here and people have been great, and so it is a cool place.  Golf course, I mean, it's a fantastic course.  You got to hit the ball long.

Q.   How far do you hit it off the tee, average, would you say?

LINDSAY WRIGHT:  I really   ‑‑‑

Q.   Straight‑a‑way, no wind?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: It's hard to answer that.  How far is the first hole?  307.  I probably have ‑‑ had like 125 yards into the flag.  130 yards into.  So what is that, 2   ‑‑‑

Q.   260.

LINDSAY WRIGHT: 250.  Around 240, 250.  But keeping it in mind there's a bounce to it on the fly, probably 240.

Q.   You are playing Becky Lucidi?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Tomorrow, yes.

Q.   Have you played against her before?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I have played with her.  I haven't played against her.  Well I guess if you consider college golf, yeah, I have played college golf with her for a little last year so we know each other pretty well.

Q.   How do you feel about playing Becky?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Just the same as any other person really.  All I want do is just go out there and do what I am doing now, just you know, hit the fairways, hit the greens, apply a bit of pressure and that's it.  I am good to go just treat Becky like anyone else.

Q.   Who is your caddie this week?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Gina Umeck, I hope I got that right.  She plays for U.C.L.A..  She's going to be a junior in the fall.

Q.   You met through college golf?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yeah.  She's done a great job.

Q.   Did she compete this week or ‑‑

LINDSAY WRIGHT: She did.  I don't think she qualified, no.

Q.   You have an interesting background.  Involves several nations.  Would you tell us where you were born and moving to Australia ‑‑

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I was born in England, and I lived there until 1999.  I have 2 older brothers, younger sister, we were shipped off ‑‑ my parents shipped over to Australia, I don't know it was like the spring of 1989.  And we moved up to Albury which is a country town like four hours north of Melbourne, and I mean, I lived in Australia since I was nine up until  ‑‑ I was 20 and then I took a scholarship at Pepperdine University; that's when I moved over here.

Q.   How old were you when you began playing golf?

      LINDSAY WRIGHT: I was 10.  Between late 9, early  ‑‑ 10 pretty much.

Q.   That was in Australia?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yeah.  9 and a half, 10.

Q.   When you say it's a country town, how many golf courses do you have?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: We have probably 5 in like a 30, 40  ‑minute, you know, area.  We have a lot of golf courses, a lot of golf course.

Q.   How many people are  in the town?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: 55,000.  It's considered a city, so  ‑‑

Q.   That's a good size.


Q.   What is the economy me based on?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: It's basic agriculture.  We have the snow field which are about two and a half hours from where I am.  We're getting more tourism, I guess.  We have a  ‑‑ it's a great area.  We've got  huge Lakes, you know, tourist season, you can do water skiing.  In the winter you can go up and snow ski.  Kind of a lot to do.

Q.   Why did your family immigrate to Australia?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Basically I think a lot of it was ‑‑ I asked dad that and he said just for a better life, for us kids to have more opportunity, more freedom, and I guess the weather was a big part of that too.  My dad doesn't like the cold weather, but in Australia, you can do anything.  I can get on a golf course when I was 10, you know, and I was just free to go out and play whenever I wanted.  There's not many people there really.  When you consider it to the United States, it's very different.

Q.   What business is your dad in?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: He doesn't run  ‑‑ he's a fitter and tooler by trade.

Q.   Explain that to me.

LINDSAY WRIGHT: It's kind of like a welder.  A general a tool maker.  I don't know what he does, just it's like ‑‑ he works in a factory.

Q.   Tooling and die, I think it is.  And your mom?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: She works in a factory too.

Q.   What is you major?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Sports administration.

Q.   Ambitions that you have careerwise?

LINDSAY WRIGHT:  Definitely turn pro, that's my ultimate goal, play professional golf.

Q.   Well you played beautifully this week.  Congratulations, thanks very much for coming.  Good luck tomorrow.

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