Q.  Talk about the whole day.

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I felt pretty good all day.  I felt good all week.  But today I felt I had a good start to the day.  My swing felt really good, just went out there and gave it everything.  I didn't put my heart into it, but I mean, Becky played great.  She made so many great putts.  I don't think I have ever played with anyone who sunk so many putts as she did.  (Laughs)  It was a great match.

Q.  That's pretty much what it always comes down to, putting?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yes, always comes down to putting particularly in Match Play.  When you get to this level, everyone can hit the green, but when you are on the green if you are making the putts and making birdies, whatever, it's such a difference and that's what she did.  She made some great putts.  We actually -- I mean on the first hole we squared in birdies.  We made two really long putts.  I think it was the 9th hole, we squared in birdies again.  And then on the 12 I chipped in for a birdie which was 1-up for me, one point for me.  Then I think on the 14th hole I made a really nice long par-putt like a 20-foot putt for par.  Which was a benefit.  15 she made a long putt for birdie.  So 17 she made a long putt for birdie again.  It was -- I mean it was putt for putt really.  It was a good match.

Q.  Make it a little bit easier to swallow because she -- you still played well today; she played better?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yeah, I can't really  -- she -- I couldn't play any better than what I did really.  Like I said I put everything into it and I guess on the 2nd hole I hit it above the flag, maybe 20 feet above the pin which was a disadvantage.  I think  -- it's a really tough putt there.  I think I 3-putted that hole. I did it again on -- I can't remember  -- on another hole, but I mean we squared that hole.  If you hit it above the flag you are in trouble.  I did it on the second.  That gave her -- 1-up for her.  We were pretty close all the way up until 15.  Then she birdied that hole; but what can you could.  She played great.  I putted great.  So....

Q.  Those birdie putts that you guys -- you say you guys squared were --

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I think it was probably 15, 20 feet the first hole.  The 9th hole, I think Becky had a 25-footer or something for birdie.  I don't know.  I had maybe 15 feet.  We were both really good putts, not easy reads.

Q.  Who hit the 20-footer, who hit the  15-footer?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: On the first hole I think I had 25, it was me. On the 9th hole, Becky had the longer putt and I had the shorter putt.  We kind of rotated all day.

Q.  Can you go through No. 12?  I believe you had like a 70-yard chip?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: Yeah, that is my favorite hole.  (Laughs).

I think I hit short of the flag, 3-iron in.  I didn't hit a good shot.  I had probably about, I don't know, felt like a 50-foot chip.  Hit a 5-iron to about  -- in the hole for birdie which was probably the highlight for the day and Becky 2-putted for par so I won that hole.

 Chipped a 5-iron.

Q.  How much have you and Becky played collegiately?  Are you old-time rivals?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I wouldn't say rivals.  I think we played   -- we spent three days together at the Arizona tournament in the fall.  That's the most time I spent on the golf course with Becky.  But we have known each other off the golf course too.  I have known her for a while. This tournament is the first time we have really played serious competitive head-to-head golf.

Q.  16, the tee shot on No. 16, she's right over there, she has got a long  -- tough 2-putt, and you went right at it.  Good shot.

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I was kind --.

Q.  Sucker pin back there?

LINDSAY WRIGHT: That's a really tough hole to hit.  You have to hit a really perfect shot, probably on the right center of the green, and I was between hitting a hard 8-iron and smooth 7 and I thought a smooth 7 would do it and my pitch mark was like twelve feet before the hole; unfortunately didn't spin. Usually I get a little bit of spin.  It just rolled off the back and  put me in a difficult position.  It was a difficult chip.  I mean, I couldn't have hit it any better than what I did.  It was a good shot.  16, the par 3, it was all or nothing, really.  I didn't want to take the risk of hitting a hard 8-iron and then having it spin off the front of the green.  I was pretty happy with the shot, just it ran off the back of the green.

Q.  Sum up the whole week.

LINDSAY WRIGHT: I have had a great week.  Probably one of the best experiences.  I mean, with the TV, ESPN, the coverage was great.  Just the USGA have been fantastic.  Tournament was run perfectly.  The golf course was in great condition. The greens were really fast.  I am hoping to turn pro within the next 10, twelve months and this is just perfect, you know, a really good preparation for me.  All and all I played  -- I played really good golf.  I think I could have struck the ball a lot better, but I putted really well and that's what it comes down to.

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