Swaim Breaks Medalist Record As Stroke Play Finishes

Scarborough, N.Y. – Courtney Swaim, 22, a USA Curtis Cup player from Sugar Hill, Ga., set a record and swept medalist honors in the 102nd U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship at the 6,190-yard, par-71 course at Sleepy Hollow Country Club.

Swaim shot a 68 to qualify at 135 for 36 holes, 7 under par and two strokes better than the 137 record score shot by Natalie Gulbis in 1999.

“I was out there trying not to try too hard,” said Swaim. “This is my last amateur event and I was just trying to enjoy myself. It worked.”

Swaim edged Danielle Downey, 21, of Spencerport, N.Y., by three strokes.

It was a day of thrills and spills. Downey made a rare double eagle, defending champion Meredith Duncan nearly collapsed from an asthma attack on the back nine and comedian Bill Murray caddied for Kailin Downs.

Downey made a two on the 453-yard par-5 8th hole on her way to a second straight 69 and 138, 6 under par. She holed a 7-wood from 200 yards. While it was her first double eagle, it also may have been the first in the history of the Women’s Amateur. No record exists of any previous such feat.

“It was great,” said Downey. “I couldn’t see the ball go in the hole because it was in the shade, but my sisters, Erica and Melissa, saw it and went nuts.”

Duncan, 22, of Shreveport, La., skied to a 79 after she suffered an exercise-related asthma attack and was given medical treatment during her round.

“I’m alright,” said Duncan following play. “I panicked out there, which made it worse. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.”

In a heat advisory in the metropolitan New York area, the heat index topped 100 and Duncan felt the first effects on the practice tee. She suffered from shortness of breath and an increasing heart rate during the round and asked for medical help on the 11th hole. She was given medicine in an inhaler and finished the round. Duncan has had previous attacks, but only one in the past year.

Conversely, comedian Bill Murray, a member of the host club, caddied for Downs when her assigned caddie failed to show. Last week Murray played a practice round with Heather Stirling and Laura Myerscough. Downs finished Tuesday's round with a 73 for 151.

“I was enormous; she couldn’t have done it without me,” said Murray.

Downs, however, was one of 15 players on the cut line of 151. In a playoff for two spots, only Paula Creamer and Elizabeth Janangelo advanced to the first round of 64 for match play.

Janangelo plays Swaim and Creamer goes against Downey.

The Women’s Amateur, one of 13 national championships conducted by the United States Golf Association, goes into match play with two rounds on Wednesday. A 36-hole final on Saturday will determine the champion.

Tuesday's Results
Scarborough, N.Y. – Results of the 36-hole stroke play qualifying for the United States Women’s Amateur Championship at the 6,190-yard, par 71 course at Sleepy Hollow Country Club:

Courtney Swaim, 67-68--135
Danielle Downey, 69-69--138
Aree Song Wongluekiet, 70-69--139
Carol Semple Thompson, 72-67--139
Alena Sharp, 70-69--139
Jennifer Perri, 71-69--140
Maru Martinez, 69-71--140
Emily Bastel, 70-71--141
Walailak Satarak, 72-71--143
In-Bee Park, 73-70--143
Yvonne Choe, 71-72--143
Angela Jerman, 72-71--143
Meaghan Francella, 72-71--143
Naree Song Wongluekiet, 74-70--144
Vikki Laing, 73-71--144
Chris Brady, 75-69--144
Becky Lucidi, 70-74--144
Katie Quinney, 72-73--145
Lindsey Wright, 72-73--145
Virada Nirapathpongporn, 77-68--145
Katherine Hull, 71-75--146
Heather Stirling, 77-69--146
Sarah Jacobs, 75-71--146
D'Rae Ward, 74-72--146
Annie Thurman, 71-75--146
Shayna Miyajima, 72-74--146
Sarah Huarte, 73-73--146
Sukjin-Lee Wuesthoff, 76-70--146
Hana Kim, 70-77--147
Courtney Clark, 73-74--147
Sally Krueger, 77-70--147
Meredith Duncan, 68-79--147
Lindsay Morgan, 75-72--147
Rebecca Hudson, 73-74--147
Sunny Oh, 77-70--147
Erica Blasberg, 74-73--147
Brandi Jackson, 70-77--147
Kristy McPherson, 74-74--148
Robin Burke, 73-75--148
Mina Hardin, 71-77--148
Thuhashini Selvaratnam, 73-75--148
Brenda Corrie Kuehn, 77-71--148
Mollie Fankhauser, 74-74--148
Kelly Robb, 73-75--148
Emma Duggleby, 74-74--148
Cecilia Barksdale, 76-73--149
Alison Coffey, 75-74--149
Fame More, 78-71--149
Ellen Port, 73-76--149
Marta Prieto, 73-76--149
Laura Myerscough, 73-76--149
Amber Marsh, 74-75--149
Adrienne Gautreaux, 70-79--149
McKenzie Dyslin, 78-71--149
Heather Angell, 75-75--150
Christine Boucher, 75-75--150
Mallory Code, 75-75--150
Malinda Johnson, 75-75--150
Mallory Crosland, 75-75--150
Leigh Anne Hardin, 77-73--150
Sarah Jones, 77-73--150
Lisa Ferrero, 74-76--150
Paula Creamer, 76-75—151, 3
Elizabeth Janangelo, 76-75—151, 3
Failed to Qualify:
Anna Temple, 78-73—151, 4
Heather Zielinski, 70-81—151, 4
Leigh Turner, 75-76—151, 4
Jennifer Thompson, 78-73—151, 4
Kailin Downs, 78-73—151, 4
Katie Futcher, 77-74—151, 4
Michelle Sperry, 73-78—151, 4
Erica Battle, 71-80—151, 4
Blair O'Neal, 79-72—151, 4
Mika Takayama, 78-73—151, 4
Hwanhee Lee, 75-76—151, 4
Bridget Dwyer, 72-79—151, 5
Amy Roux, 74-77—151, 5
Kristin Tamulis, 76-76--152
Celeste Troche, 77-75--152
Dayna Burleigh, 77-75--152
Sarah Sasse, 77-75--152
Gina Umeck, 76-76--152
Ashley Hoagland, 75-77--152
Kerry Smith, 78-74--152
Lindsay Knowlton, 77-75--152
Paige Mackenzie, 77-76--153
Meghan Jolly, 77-76--153
Alana Condon, 73-80--153
Jennifer Tannehill, 79-75--154
Leeann Fairlie, 76-78--154
Katie Allison, 82-72--154
Michaelyn Morgan, 75-79--154
Laura Shanahan-Rowe, 77-77--154
Anna Grzebien, 80-74--154
Kim Benedict, 74-80--154
Natalie Aber, 75-79--154
Nannette Hill, 82-73--155
Stephanie Cheney, 78-77--155
Elizabeth Allen, 78-77--155
Stella Lee, 77-78--155
Mallory Underwood, 80-75--155
Suzi Spotleson, 77-78--155
Brittany Straza, 78-78--156
Erin Doyle, 76-80--156
Stacy Snider, 78-78--156
Ashley Prange, 77-79--156
Jeanne Cho, 77-79--156
Carlie Butler, 78-78--156
Courtney Renfro, 77-80--157
Meghan Spero, 81-76--157
Meredith Jones, 78-79--157
Abbi Francis, 81-76--157
Joy Stephenson, 79-78--157
Carmen Alonso, 78-79--157
Seema Sadekar, 79-78--157
Alison Curdt, 80-77--157
Erin Clasper, 81-77--158
C J Kim, 75-83--158
Sarah Seo, 80-78--158
Ann Pohira, 76-83--159
Elizabeth Burden, 81-78--159
Kelly Schaub, 82-77--159
Lindsay Hulwick, 80-79--159
Linda Chen, 80-79--159
Candy Herrera, 77-82--159
Courtney Pomeranz, 78-82--160
Avery Kiser, 76-84--160
Sarah Martin, 81-79--160
Samantha Maust, 84-76--160
Hope Edge, 80-81--161
Sherry Herman, 81-80--161
Natalie McNicholas, 82-79--161
Kirsten Davis, 82-79--161
Terra Petsinger, 81-80--161
Laura Wells, 81-80--161
Anne Sander, 83-78--161
Corrie Tayman, 81-81--162
Katie Jacobson, 81-81--162
Sarah Davis, 81-81--162
Jolene Fellhauer, 81-81--162
Jamee Plastow, 81-81--162
Terri Taibl, 85-78--163
Marilyn Hardy, 85-78--163
Jessica Lovell, 83-81--164
Jennifer Elsea, 83-82--165
Shannon Johnson, 85-81--166
Briana Vega, 85-82--167
Ali Kicklighter, 84-84--168
Sarah Hollowell, 86-82--168
Anne Fraser, 86-85--171


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