August 7, 2003

             2003 U.S. Women’s Amateur

             Gladwyne , Pennsylvania


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  BETH MURRISON : Congratulations, 2 quick matches today. Talk about how your first 2 matches and how you feel

  AREE SONG: Well, it didn't seem quick to me. I think it was pretty close for both the front 9, in both matches. I thought both girls played really well, especially Laura on the second match. You know she beat my sister this morning. She said she made a couple of shots off the green. I think she made one in the bunker and one from the rough. I knew it was going to be a tough match and I was prepared for it. But I was hitting the ball pretty well.

  BETH MURRISON : What's working very well for you right now?

  AREE SONG: I think my irons and my putting really, those are the 2 main areas, that I'm really liking right now.


  Q. Are you out to avenge your sister's losing to her this morning? How did that play into it?

  AREE SONG: I think it's unfortunate really. I would have liked to play her. We were looking forward to it. But she didn't play too well.


  Q. Did she give you any advice after her match this morning?

  AREE SONG: She said expect the unexpected. So I was quite prepared. She made a couple of long putts, long par putts. I thought it was really close all the way and she gave in a little bit on the finishing holes. I think I really had to play well to beat her.


  Q. Michelle getting knocked out of the tournament so early, are you thinking about that at all?

  AREE SONG: I didn't know. Is she out?


  Q. Yes?

  AREE SONG: Okay. Well, that just goes to show how unpredictable Match Play is really. But sometimes the better player doesn't always win. It's just whoever wins the most holes that day. I think if you just keep hitting good shots and putting pressure on the other player it helps.


  Q. She beat your sister, does it give you any motivation?

  AREE SONG: Sure, it doesn't feel like, you know, I don't want to lose to anyone really. When I come out I always want to win. It gives me more to know I can beat her because she beat my sister, kind of like a revenge, I guess.


  Q. Is there a risk, this is a long week to get to where you want to go, you have a lot more matches, is there a risk that you use too much energy in these first rounds, how do you try to handle getting through this week to get to where you want to go? It's going to be a long week to get to where you want to be.

  AREE SONG: I think this is the longest week in golf really. There is no such week like this in professional golf. It's fun. But it's sort of like a marathon sometimes. There is so many rounds of golf. But I just take it one match at a time. I think that's the main thing.


  Q. You will be a freshman in college, do you want to go all four years to finish college?

  AREE SONG: It depends how I feel at the end of each year really, just take it year-by-year. That's how I look at it.


  Q. Will it be how you think your golf game is or whether you think you will be out on the road traveling by yourself all the time?

  AREE SONG: I think the main thing is, if I feel like I'm ready to contend every week. Every tournament on TOUR , that's how it goes.


  Q. Do you still travel with your parents and everything?



  Q. Aree , why did you not play in the Girl's Junior ?

  AREE SONG: I was just taking a break really. I just wanted to caddy for Naree , that was the main thing.


  Q. Did it have anything to do with the fact that you had won it once and you wanted her to have a chance to win it?

  AREE SONG: I just really wanted to help her do well, sort of, get her confidence going. But you know she played really well there. It's just unfortunate. I think the other girl made 7 birdies on here. That's tough to beat.


  Q. Have you had a chance to look to see who has advanced along with?

  AREE SONG: No, but I did get to see the whole draw on the left side. It seems like the left side is stronger to me. Knowing the players, I think the left side is much stronger.


  Q. Would you like to play Amy next?

  AREE SONG: I played her once before. I think it's pretty much you have to play all of your friends it seems like.


  Q. How confident are you right now in your game? Is this as well as you have played, the stretch maybe from the U.S. Women's Open and here?

  AREE SONG: I'm playing well right now. I mean I have a lot of trust and confidence in my game. I know what I can do and what my strengths are really. I think it just helps that, you know, I'm playing well and I am coming to this turn which is the biggest tournament of the year for women.


  Q. Is there a particular aspect of your game that's really clicking that you know this week, you say you feel a lot of trust, that you know you can trust?

  AREE SONG: Well, I think my short game is really solid right now. It's knowing that when you miss the green you have a good chance of making par. If not, just chipping in, that helps.


  Q. Is there anything that you want to work on for tomorrow or just relax at the end of the day?

  AREE SONG: Try to get my energy back, lots of sleep, lots of food.


  Q. Are you all staying in a hotel here, are you staying with family?

  AREE SONG: Staying with family, but they are not here.


  Q. If you go off at 8  o'clock tomorrow morning, you will be finished by lunch, you have the rest of the day off?

  AREE SONG: If I win.

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