August 7, 2003

             2003 U.S. Women’s Amateur

             Gladwyne , Pennsylvania


An Interview with:




  RHONDA GLENN : Ladies and gentlemen, back is the champ who won her second match 4 and 2. You had a pretty easy day, Becky ?

  BECKY LUCIDI : I wouldn't say easy. I don't think the scores reflect the level of play. But I played pretty solid for the most part. The first 27 holes were pretty well put together but I struggled on the last 9.


  Q. What were your medal scores? We can look at it too, were you a couple over par?

  BECKY LUCIDI : You know on the first match I made a lot of birdies but I made a lot of bogeys. Maybe somewhere around even or 1-under or something. Second round I was problem 1-over.


  Q. Good steady play. How do you feel about going into tomorrow?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Good. I will have no problems sleeping tonight.


  Q. You are going to play another girl played Lu tomorrow?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Oh, really. Does she have a sister?


  Q. I don't think they are related. What are your thoughts playing another girl from Chinese Taipei ?

  BECKY LUCIDI : It's still an opponent, you know.


  Q. How did you feel about the way you were playing coming into this week, were you happy with the way your game was at this point?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Yes. I didn't hit too many balls before I came here. I worked a lot on my short game, a lot of 4 and 5 footers. If there is an of your game that is good, normally you can have a pretty decent showing.


  Q. What did you learn last year, you were not a favorite to win and yet you did, what does that teach you going into the rest of the week?

  BECKY LUCIDI : I'm sorry?


  Q. Does it give you confidence?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Oh, sure.


  Q. You done it once, you can do it again?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Yes, I can remember last year whenever you get those large crowds, sure, that would be in the back of my mind thinking about that. After that hole experience last year I learned that that's part of it. You have to learn to narrow your focus and focus on the things that you can control. So more I learned to control the things that I can which are myself, and my game, and not to be distracted by other outside stuff like the other player, what they are doing, the weather, people.


  Q. Do you scoreboard watch a little bit?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Not at all.


  Q. You had no idea who won and lost?

  BECKY LUCIDI : I know Maru won. I knew she beat Michelle Wie . A couple of my friends came out and watched me, so I kind of took it that they lost.

  RHONDA GLENN : Do you have any friends left in the championship?

  BECKY LUCIDI : I don't know who is in it really.


  Q. Virada is left. Do you know Charlotte Mayorkas pretty well?



  Q. How are you and your long haired caddy working out?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Great, he is awesome.


  Q. What is his name?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Rick Leflar , L E F L A R.


  Q. Did he approach you at media day?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Well, I went up to the caddy master Rich , and I said I wanted the best guy you got so they gave me Rick .


  Q. Has he really been able to help you a lot with the greens?

  BECKY LUCIDI : So much. I mean you guys have all walked out there and seen the greens, they are no easy task. So you get those ridges every now and then, it will throw a lot of people off. He knows what they are going to do so I just listen to him.


  Q. Have you made a lot of putts?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Yes, I have.


  Q. Approximately how many birdies do you think you had today?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Just today? 6 or 7 maybe.


  Q. How much of an advantage is it do you think to take a local caddy versus someone that might bring a dad or friend here?

  BECKY LUCIDI: You know personally I don't know why anybody -- unless they have a dad that knows their game extremely well would not want to use a local caddy especially when you get to a course like this like I mentioned where there is a lot of local knowledge to be learned.

  I see it as a huge advantage that a lot of people don't take. Better for me, I guess.

  RHONDA GLENN : Have you ever had a family member caddy for you?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Yes, my brother Joey caddied for me at The Open .


  Q. This year?



  Q. That worked out pretty well?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Yes, it was a good time. He was so nervous he had an ulcer the whole week. He was more stressed out than I was.


  Q. Was that a decision, just being your first open, to use a family member versus taking somebody from --

  BECKY LUCIDI : Yes. I just wanted to enjoy that experience with someone I love.


  Q. Double round tomorrow?

  BECKY LUCIDI : One round in the morning.


  Q. Just one, is that how you older veteran players look at it?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Trying to.


  Q. How have your folks done this week, what are your plans after the amateur?

  BECKY LUCIDI : I'm going to head to Q-School as a pro.


  Q. And if you win it wouldn't make any difference because you would be on the Curtis Cup ?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Yes, sorry. You know, if there were more amateur stuff to play in, I think that would be great. But there is such a long wait in between tournaments. You don't really get much back as far as compensation. So I want to start making some money, otherwise I'm going to have to use that degree.


  Q. Heaven forbid. Did you actually get a degree?

  BECKY LUCIDI : I did. Thank you.


  Q. In what?

  BECKY LUCIDI : Communication, not journalism.

  RHONDA GLENN : Everybody set? Becky , thanks for coming in.

  BECKY LUCIDI : Thanks Rhonda , we will.

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