Paula Creamer Comments After 2-and-1 Loss To Jane Park

"I tried. I left a couple of shots out there in the beginning. But Jane played great golf. She really did. She really wanted it. We havenít played head to head a lot, just in stroke play. So it was kind of a grudge match between us both. Sheís a great player and she definitely has a great chance tomorrow to win."


On Jane Park holing all those putts:

"In match play you have to expect that she is going to make them. I wish they didnít all go in but you canít do anything about what she does."


Was Jane Park Putting This Well Last Week At The Betsy Rawls event?

" No, not that well. Every 15-footer she had, she made it and thatís tough to go against. But thereís nothing I can do, but make it on top."


On the momentum shift of the match:

On 12 (par 5). She was 2 up with six to go. Right there (making that 15-foot putt for birdie after Paula was within a few feet for birdie.

(Jane's) huge shot of the day was on 16. She put it on top of mine (Park's approach was to 3 feet). But I had a lot of work left. Thatís when it was pretty much over.


What will you take away from this week?

" Next year, I know that I can do it. I know I can play with these girls. This is the Womenís Am and I was glad to be in the semis and I have a medal around my neck. There are 152 other players who donít have one and I think thatís a big thing. And just to play this great golf course.


What club did you hit into 17?

7-wood. We were thinking 4-iron. We knew we had to get it back there. I hit a real easy 7-wood. We made a mistake afterwards that we hit it at the flag. It was a downhill lie. Thatís why it went a little right. But you learn from your mistakes.


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