Michelle Wie Pre-Championship Quotes:


I like the golf course because I heard it was a real traditional design, which I thought would be two lines of trees with a really narrow fairway and very small greens, but itís really wide and I can use my driver on every hole.


Is the first USGA tournament where youíve been able to hit your driver on every hole? I think so.


My dad is going to caddie for me. (Iím glad) because I think I have more control of my game and because he knows my game.


TV or story you liked best? I donít know. Every show is pretty good and I like something thatís different than average and shows me as I really am.


Was there a show or a story that you didnít like? The U.S. Womenís Open because the stories were on the negative side.


Have you gotten over that, pretty much? Yeah, I did.


Has your dad gotten over that? Yeah.


Which women golfers from the past do you like? I met Carol Semple Thompson yesterday and I like her. And, whatís the lady who played in the Nabisco? JoAnne Carner, I think itís amazing the way she hits the ball.


What about Barbara Romack? Yeah, Barbara too.


Nancy Lopez, have you met her and spoken to her? Yes, Iím going to play against her in a skins game in Boise (Idaho). Me and John Daly against Nancy Lopez and Hank Kuehne.


Have you heard about the comparisons, that you can be like the next Nancy Lopez? Is that flattering? How do you feel about that? I think itís awesome. I would like to be like her because sheís really nice.


Did you think about that, when you play this week, youíre 13 and Carol Semple Thompson is 54? I think golf is the only sport where you can do that. In sports like hockey or tennis you canít do that. Only golf.


How do you stay in touch with your friends? I have a lot of friends and we e-mail, but I donít do too much because Iím usually tired from practicing. Weíll just have to wait until after the summer.


Youíve had an opportunity to play with the LPGA. Have you learned anything that has helped you with your game? They know how to handle situations because they play for money, so they know how to handle pressure. So Iíve learned how they handle themselves when theyíre in a pressure situation.


What do you do in a pressure situation? Whatís your philosophy? I just think about making the shot. The more you think about making it the more confidence you have. The more you think about missing it, the more pressure you feel.


Does it bother you at all that, no matter where you go, does it intrude on your privacy, all of the interest in Michelle Wie? Right now, itís just on the golf course so itís okay.


Do people recognize you at places like the mall? No, because Iím not wearing golf clothes, like my hat and golf shoes.


What about in restaurants in a tournament town? I think they recognize my parents, because my dadís face is always in the paper.


Any goals this week? No, it would put too much pressure but I always want to win. Iíll try to do the best I can and donít regret anything.


We were talking to your instructor and he believes you need to take a sort of conservative approach but he thinks your dad takes more of an aggressive approach when youíre playing. Where do you stand? I donít really think about aggressive or conservative, I just go out there and play and think where do I want to hit the ball and where do I want it to go for the second shot.


Did you feel more pressure at the Girlsí Junior where all of the girls wanted to beat you?

I think I didnít feel more pressure because theyíre good players, but I think itís going to be hard to win now.


Winning the U.S. Womenís Amateur Public Links give you confidence? Yes, I think it does.


She likes to sleep 11 or 12 hours a day. She recently spent a couple of weeks near Pittsburgh at a golf resort where she would practice in the morning and theyíd do something fun in the afternoon, going horseback riding, fly fishing, and on an off-road Hummer rides.


Do you have any other talents besides golf? Yes! I can balance a spoon on my nose! (She finds a spoon and balances it on her nose. Everybody laughs) And I can balance a bottle of water on my head, remember at the WAPL? (She balances a bottle of water on top of her bucket hat, stand up, walks across the room and the bottle never moves.)





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