Michelle Wie, 13, of Honolulu, Hawaii, shot a four-under-par 67 Wednesday, for a two-day total of 73-67ó140.



1st hole: hit a wedge to 9 feet

8th hole: pitching wedge from first cut rough to 12 feet

9th hole: 9-iron to 4 feet

12th hole: hit a lob wedge from the trees to 3 feet

15th hole: 5-iron to 9 feet

17th hole: 8-iron to 24 feet



13th hole: three putted from 30 feet

16th hole: approach went into left bunker; couldnít get up and down


Pleased overall with your round?

I wasnít putting so well the day before yesterday, so I just trusted myself and Iím very happy with the way I putted today. I think I could have shot even better because I made two stupid bogeys, but golf canít be perfect.


Was it boring staying inside all day Tuesday?

I hoped it would rain all day because once I went into the locker room, you get out of rhythm, so I didnít want to play, because it would be bad, and it would be so wet.


How were the conditions today?

It was dryer than I thought it would be. Some tee boxes were pretty wet, but I think most of the course was pretty dry.


The rough was pretty easy today. I thought it would be thicker because of all the rain, but it actually got thinner.


Talk about this course.

I feel the same way about this course as I did at Ocean Hammock. Iím confident hitting my driver. Even if you make a slight mistake it wonít hurt you that bad, but if you hit good shots, you get rewarded.


Happy to have your dad back as your caddie?

Iíve been more comfortable with my dad Ė he just knows my golf game a lot better.


Do you prefer stroke play or match play?

Stroke play Ė itís less pressure. I like it because itís shorter Ė you donít have to play the whole week. Thereís going to be some bad holes and you have to learn how to recover from bad shots. And if you play good, you have to capture the moment and go for it Ė if you hit a good shot to the hole or hit a good drive, you have to make birdie, otherwise youíre giving it away. Pars donít win in match play.

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