Defending Champion Park, Advance in 2005 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship

Roswell, Ga. – Defending champion Jane Park and Morgan Pressel, who was runner-up in the 2005 U.S. Women’s Open, won their first-round matches to advance in match play at the 6,341-yard, par-72 Settindown Creek Course of Ansley Golf Club.

Park, 18, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., defeated Julia Huh, 18, of Pasadena, Md., 4 and 3.  Pressel, 17, of Boca Raton, Fla., easily defeated Sooji Cho, 17, of Los Angeles, Calif., 7 and 5.

Also advancing to Thursday’s second round were medalist In-Kyung Kim, 17, of Korea, and the 2004 runner-up, Amanda McCurdy, 21, of El Dorado, Ark.

Kim defeated Megan McChrystal, 17, of Stuart, Fla., 2 and 1.  McCurdy beat Marlowe Boukis, 18, of Lutherville, Md., 4 and 3.

All four players are in the talent-loaded upper bracket.

“There are lots of potential threats in my bracket,” said Pressel.

She will face Mina Harigae, 15, of Monterey, Calif., in the second round.  It’s a re-match, since Harigae defeated her older opponent in the U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship two years ago.

“Playing Morgan I feel excited,” said Harigae about the encounter. “Nervous but mostly excited.  I have to keep in mind that she’s a lot better than she was when I beat her in 2003, but so am I.”

The Pressel-Harigae match will no doubt draw the most attention.  Pressel’s play in recent weeks has been superb, but Harigae has already captured four California Women’s Amateur Championships, the first when she was 12 years old.

Defending champion Park remained concerned about her tee shots.  “The driver was causing me grief again,” she said.   “I hooked it into the water again on the fourth hole, (as she did on Tuesday).  I changed drivers but it’s not the driver, it’s me.”

Park faces Kimberly Donovan, 16, of Hopkinton, Mass., in the second round.

McCurdy has been playing under the radar but the 5-foot-1 dynamo has played solidly in her last two rounds.  With the usual match-play concessions, she was four under par against Boukis and fired a 3-under-par 69 in Tuesday’s second round of stroke play.

McCurdy’s second-round opponent is Amy Schmucker, 21, of  Cold  Spring, Minn.


Winners of the morning’s second-round matches will square off in the third round in the afternoon.  Match play continues throughout the week and ends with the 36-hole final on Sunday.

The Women’s Amateur is one of 13 conducted by the United States Golf Association.  Ten are strictly for amateurs.


Story written by Rhonda Glenn of the USGA.

Roswell, Ga. – Results of the first round of match play in the 2005  U.S. Women’s Amateur at the 6,341-yard, par-72 Settindown Creek Course of Ansley Golf Club.

Round of 64


             In-Kyung Kim, Korea  (139) def. Megan McChrystal, Stuart, Fla.  (154), 2 and 1

             Laura Matthews, Canada  (149) def. Abigale Schepperle, Hoover, Ala.  (149), 4 and 3

             Kimberly Donovan, Hopkinton, Mass.  (146) def. Kristin Wetzel, Hilton Head Island, S.C.  (151), 4 and 3

             Jane Park, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.  (146) def. Julia Huh, Pasadena, Md.  (151), 4 and 3

             Kristina Rothengatter, Germany  (152) def. Esther Choe, Scottsdale, Ariz.  (144), 4 and 3

             Nannette Hill, Pelham Manor, N.Y.  (150) def. Carolyn Creekmore, Dallas, Texas  (147), 8 and 6

             Angela Park, Torrance, Calif.  (144) def. Hannah Jun, San Diego, Calif.  (152), 4 and 2

             Jennifer Ackerson, Allen, Texas  (150) def. Kim Welch, Sacramento, Calif.  (147), 5 and 4

             Jennie Lee, Huntington Beach, Calif.  (141) def. Whitney Simons, Aiken, S.C.  (154), 8 and 7

             Eun Jung Lee, Murrieta, Calif.  (149) def. Yu-Jin Bang, Orlando, Fla.  (148), 6 and 5

             Amanda McCurdy, El Dorado, Ark.  (145) def. Marlowe Boukis, Lutherville, Md.  (152), 4 and 3

             Amy Schmucker, Cold Spring, Minn.  (147) def. Kasi Lee, Paramus, N.J.  (151), 2 and 1

             Morgan Pressel, Boca Raton, Fla.  (142) def. Sooji Cho, Los Angeles, Calif.  (154), 7 and 5

             Mina Harigae, Monterey, Calif.  (148) def. Erin Andrews, Las Vegas, Nev.  (149), 2 and 1

             Jane Rah, Torrance, Calif.  (152) def. Sophia Sheridan, Mexico  (145), 19 holes

             In-Bee Park, Las Vegas, Nev.  (147) def. Eileen Vargas, Colombia  (151), 1 up


             Ashley Knoll, The Woodlands, Texas  (141) def. Dana Je, Columbus, Ohio  (154), 3 and 2

             Maria Uribe, Colombia  (149) def. Lauren Mielbrecht, Gulf Stream, Fla.  (148), 1 up

             Ayaka Kaneko, Honolulu, Hawaii  (146) def. Ya-Ni Tseng, Chinese Taipei  (152), 4 and 3

             Paige Mackenzie, Yakima, Wash.  (146) def. Amber Prange, Noblesville, Ind.  (151), 19 holes

             Ryann O'Toole, San Clemente, Calif.  (153) def. Taylore Karle, Scottsdale, Ariz.  (144), 2 and 1

             Jenna Pearson, Wheaton, Ill.  (148) def. Amie Cochran, Torrance, Calif.  (150), 3 and 2

             Amanda Blumenherst, Scottsdale, Ariz.  (145) def. Jennifer Hong, Windermere, Fla.  (152), 1 up

             Alison Whitaker, Australia  (151) def. Claire Dury, New Zealand  (147), 1 up

             Annie Thurman-Young, Highland, Utah  (141) def. Vicky Hurst, Melbourne, Fla.  (154), 4 and 3

             Maru Martinez, Venezuela  (149) def. Mandy Goins, Frankfort, Ky.  (148), 5 and 4

             Virginia Grimes, Montgomery, Ala.  (145) def. Renee Skidmore, Everett, Wash.  (152), 3 and 2

             Christi Athas, Eldora, Iowa  (147) def. Grace Woo, Burbank, Calif.  (151), 4 and 3

             Tiffany Lua, Rowland Heights, Calif.  (153) def. Tania Elosegui, Spain  (144), 4 and 2

             Lorraine Ballerano, Myrtle Beach, S.C.  (149) def. Alejandra Martin Del Campo, Mexico  (148), 1 up

             Jenny Suh, Fairfax, Va.  (145) def. Jackie Beers, Bonaire, Ga.  (152), 2 and 1

             Tiffany Joh, San Diego, Calif.  (147) def. Michelle Jarman, Wilmington, N.C.  (151), 19 holes


Roswell, Ga. – Pairings for the second round of match play in the 2005 U.S. Women’s Amateur at the 6,341-yard, par-72 Settindown Creek Course of Ansley Golf Club.

Round of 32


           7:30 am             In-Kyung Kim, Korea  (139) vs. Laura Matthews, Canada  (149)

           7:40 am             Kimberly Donovan, Hopkinton, Mass.  (146) vs. Jane Park, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.  (146)

           7:50 am             Kristina Rothengatter, Germany  (152) vs. Nannette Hill, Pelham Manor, N.Y.  (150)

           8:00 am             Angela Park, Torrance, Calif.  (144) vs. Jennifer Ackerson, Allen, Texas  (150)

           8:10 am             Jennie Lee, Huntington Beach, Calif.  (141) vs. Eun Jung Lee, Murrieta, Calif.  (149)

           8:20 am             Amanda McCurdy, El Dorado, Ark.  (145) vs. Amy Schmucker, Cold Spring, Minn.  (147)

           8:30 am             Morgan Pressel, Boca Raton, Fla.  (142) vs. Mina Harigae, Monterey, Calif.  (148)

           8:40 am             Jane Rah, Torrance, Calif.  (152) vs. In-Bee Park, Las Vegas, Nev.  (147)


           8:50 am             Ashley Knoll, The Woodlands, Texas  (141) vs. Maria Uribe, Colombia  (149)

           9:00 am             Ayaka Kaneko, Honolulu, Hawaii  (146) vs. Paige Mackenzie, Yakima, Wash.  (146)

           9:10 am             Ryann O'Toole, San Clemente, Calif.  (153) vs. Jenna Pearson, Wheaton, Ill.  (148)

           9:20 am             Amanda Blumenherst, Scottsdale, Ariz.  (145) vs. Alison Whitaker, Australia  (151)

           9:30 am             Annie Thurman-Young, Highland, Utah  (141) vs. Maru Martinez, Venezuela  (149)

           9:40 am             Virginia Grimes, Montgomery, Ala.  (145) vs. Christi Athas, Eldora, Iowa  (147)

           9:50 am             Tiffany Lua, Rowland Heights, Calif.  (153) vs. Lorraine Ballerano, Myrtle Beach, S.C.  (149)

              10:00 am             Jenny Suh, Fairfax, Va.  (145) vs. Tiffany Joh, San Diego, Calif. (147)



U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship

TICKETS – Admission and parking for all seven days of the championship are free of charge.

WHO CAN PLAY? – The U.S. Women’s Amateur is open to female amateurs who have USGA Handicap Indexes not exceeding 5.4. Entries closed June 15.

DEFENDING CHAMPION – Jane Park, 18, or Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., will defend the title she won in 2004.

THE FIELD – The 2005 field will include seven Georgia players. They are Laura Coble of Augusta, Jackie Beers of Bonaire, Alina Lee of Evans, Kyu Ri Ban of Duluth, Dori Carter of Valdosta, Diana Ramage of Fayetteville and Margaret Shirley of Roswell.

TELEVISION COVERAGE – Match-play rounds will be telecast on The Golf Channel Aug. 3-7 from 4-6 p.m., EDT.

OTHER PROMINENT PAST CHAMPIONS – Patty Berg, 1938; Betty Jameson, 1939, 1940; Babe Didrickson Zaharias, 1946; Louise Suggs, 1947; Beth Daniel, 1975, 1977; Juli Simpson (Inkster), 1980, 1981, 1982; Pat Hurst, 1990; Kelli Kuehne, 1995, 1996; Grace Park, 1998; Dorothy Delasin, 1999.

CHAMPIONSHIP COURSE CONDITIONS – The following mowing heights will be used for the championship: fairways 1/2"; tees 7/16"; collars 1/4". Putting greens will be prepared so that they are firm and fast; to measure approximately 11 feet on the USGA Stimpmeter. Intermediate rough: 1", width approximately 72" along fairways, width approximately 30" wide around putting greens. Primary rough: 2 1/4".

FUTURE WOMEN’S AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP SITES – The 2006 U. S. Women’s Amateur will be conducted at Pumpkin Ridge G.C., North Plains, Ore., Aug. 7 – 13.

MEDIA CONTACT – The Media Center for the U.S. Women’s Amateur will be located in the main clubhouse at Ansley Golf Club. Rhonda Glenn and Beth Murrison will be the USGA staff members on site. The Media Center phone numbers are (678)639-7488 and (678)639-7494.


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