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Interview With Semifinalist Tiffany Lua

BETH MURRISON:  We are very pleased to have Tiffany Lua with us here today.  Congratulations on your victory and advancing to the semifinals.  Can you talk a little about your game and how you're feeling at this point?

            TIFFANY LUA:  Thanks.  My game right now feels pretty good, especially my short game.  I'm really confident in my putting, my chipping.  Been working really hard on it.  Have a few kinks to work out on the sequence and timing of my swing, but I'll try and get that straightened out.

            BETH MURRISON:  Can you talk about some of the keys in your match today, and what you thought maybe some of the high points were?

            TIFFANY LUA:  I had some pretty key par putts coming down the stretch.  And when we both halved, I think it was 12 with birdies, that was a pretty big hole for me.

            I was fortunate enough to get a few gifts from her in the beginning to give me the early lead, and that helped a lot.

            BETH MURRISON:  How much of an advantage is it to get an early lead in a match like that going up against somebody who has a lot of experience and has played in a lot of events like the Women's Open; how much does that play into your mindset?

            TIFFANY LUA:  I've known Jessica [Korda] for a few years now and I know she's a strong player.  I tried my best to capitalize, and I did.  But it is match play and I just hung on there, and I think it happened.  I just did my best to hold on.

            Q.  What were your expectations coming into this event?

            TIFFANY LUA:  My goal was quarterfinals just because I never got in a named bracket in the Women's Am; that was my goal.  But now that I am, I am definitely just going to try to stay in the moment and do my best.

            Q.  How many times have you played her?

            TIFFANY LUA:  I've known Jennifer for a few years, too.  I've never played in a match against here, but we've played in a lot of the same tournaments.

            Q.  Did it matter that...

            TIFFANY LUA:  I don't have a choice.  Yeah, she is a good player, I know that, and whether I win or lose, it's going to be a great experience tomorrow.

            Q.  Do you get more comfortable on a golf course?

            TIFFANY LUA:  Oh, for sure, the more you play any course, you definitely get a better feel for the greens as you go; a better sense of where you want to place your ball when there are certain pin positions, and just feel a little bit more at home each time.

            Q.  Who is here with you this week?

            TIFFANY LUA:  My mom.  Just my mom, yeah.

            School starts on September 26, but I'm supposed to be there on September 6 just to be there early and keep up with the semester, school.

            Q.  At was there any point where you struggled, one hole or one round where you were just teetering a little bit?

            TIFFANY LUA:  Before this tournament in the Canon Cup event?

            Q.  I meant during the week.  Was there any time that you struggled, one particular round or whatever?

            TIFFANY LUA:  On the first round, I struggled mostly because I was siding left with my swing, but I got that fixed for the second round, and every once in awhile I'll let one loose, but hopefully I'll get my timing together and I'll be fine.

            BETH MURRISON:  Thank you so much.  Congratulations.



Championship Facts

U.S. Women's Amateur

HISTORY: The U.S. Women’s Amateur is one of the United States Golf Association’s original three championships. It was first conducted in 1895, shortly after the inaugural U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open. The Women’s Amateur has since been conducted every year except 1917-18, when it was temporarily suspended because of World War I, and 1942-45, when it was suspended because of World War II.

PAR & YARDAGE: Old Warson Country Club will play at 6,422/6,468 yards and par of 35-36—71.

ARCHITECT: Old Warson Country Club was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and opened in 1954.

COURSE SET-UP –The USGA Course Rating® for the Women’s Amateur Championship at Old Warson Country Club is 78.1 and USGA Slope Rating® is 140.

Tees and fairways, height of grass – 7/16 inch

Collars, height of grass – 0.2 inch

Putting greens, speed – 11.5-12 feet on USGA Stimpmeter

Intermediate Rough – 1.25 inches (3 feet width)

Primary Rough – 3 inches

FORMAT: The U.S. Women’s Amateur is conducted with 36 holes of stroke-play qualifying. The low 64 scorers then advance to match play, with the champion determined by a 36-hole match-play final.

WHO CAN PLAY: The U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship is open to female amateurs who have a USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 5.4.

ENTRIES: A total of 955 contestants entered the 2009 championship. The record of 969 was set in 2006.



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