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Interview With Semifinalist Jennifer Johnson

BETH MURRISON:  We are pleased to have Jennifer Johnson with us today, who had a fairly easy victory in her quarterfinal match.  Can you talk a little bit about your match and your play today?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  I played pretty steady today.  I won one birdie, one bogey, and hit a lot of greens.  Actually, she had some 3-putts, I think I took advantage of those when she made some mistakes.

            Yeah, I left some putts short that if they would have gone in, like on the first hole, I had an easy uphill, and just not enough speed.  No. 2, I hit a short one, didn't play enough great.  Yeah, No. 3 was makeable.  I just had a lot of birdie putts that didn't go in.

            BETH MURRISON:  Overall, are you pretty happy with how you're playing this week?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  Yeah, I'm happy with my play.

            BETH MURRISON:  We watched your interview a little bit on TV and talked about the Junior and your match there.  Could you talk here about how your match in the junior affected your mind‑set this week coming into match play?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  I was 1 up early on Kimberly and then we were kind of, we got back to all‑square and then she got 1 up.  We were just kind of going back and forth.  It was a tough match and I think that got me, you know, mentally prepared for match play.  When you get the chance to, you know, earn a point, you just take advantage of it.  Yeah, it was a good preparation.

            Q.  Did you play in the Lexus before?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  Yeah, we played against each other a lot in AJGA and played on the Junior Ryder Cup Team with her.  Then I played against her last year in Canada Cup, in singles matches.

            Q.  So when you think about playing her, what goes through your head?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  I mean, she's a good player.  Not much.  I mean, she's just like anybody else.

            That was September last year, almost a year ago.

            Q.  What's your mindset going into tomorrow, you've played only 58 holes, do you feel like this has been easy, you haven't trailed in any match, after the 58 holes you've just played, is there any mental?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  It's been nice, you know, getting up early and having the lead.  But I don't think this week's been too easy.  It's been pretty mentally exhausting.  Yesterday I was really tired last night after 32 holes.  I think I've just got to get good rest tonight and I think I'll be ready for tomorrow.

            Q.  I don't think I've heard a player this week say they have had a good playing round, they have talked about not playing well on the greens.  What is it about these greens that you think is giving everybody in the field so much difficulty?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  There's a lot of break on them, and you just have to play enough break and trust it.  I catch myself trying to steer it in a little bit, because I don't think it could possibly break that much, but there's some break.

            Q.  And has the speed been consistent all week?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  Yeah, pretty consistent.  Some greens are a little harder than others.  I mean, like firmer.  But no, they are pretty consistent.

            BETH MURRISON:  Thank you.



Championship Facts

U.S. Women's Amateur

HISTORY: The U.S. Women’s Amateur is one of the United States Golf Association’s original three championships. It was first conducted in 1895, shortly after the inaugural U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open. The Women’s Amateur has since been conducted every year except 1917-18, when it was temporarily suspended because of World War I, and 1942-45, when it was suspended because of World War II.

PAR & YARDAGE: Old Warson Country Club will play at 6,422/6,468 yards and par of 35-36—71.

ARCHITECT: Old Warson Country Club was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and opened in 1954.

COURSE SET-UP –The USGA Course Rating® for the Women’s Amateur Championship at Old Warson Country Club is 78.1 and USGA Slope Rating® is 140.

Tees and fairways, height of grass – 7/16 inch

Collars, height of grass – 0.2 inch

Putting greens, speed – 11.5-12 feet on USGA Stimpmeter

Intermediate Rough – 1.25 inches (3 feet width)

Primary Rough – 3 inches

FORMAT: The U.S. Women’s Amateur is conducted with 36 holes of stroke-play qualifying. The low 64 scorers then advance to match play, with the champion determined by a 36-hole match-play final.

WHO CAN PLAY: The U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship is open to female amateurs who have a USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 5.4.

ENTRIES: A total of 955 contestants entered the 2009 championship. The record of 969 was set in 2006.



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